Testo Out – ICP Insane Clown Posse

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Testo della canzone Out degli ICP Insane Clown Posse
Let me off the Terror Wheel
Shut up bitch
Looks like it’s nighty night time
Only some of you won’t be waking up
As for the rest of you
Sit back, put on your PJ’s and nighties
While you hear the story entitled Out
What the fuck is up?
I’m in the haugh
And Violent J’s finna tell a story
So sit your ass down
Shut the fuck up
And get stoned motherfucker

Well I’m waking up so early cause I knew this day would come
My daddy’s passed out with an empty bottle of rum
Although she’s been gone long I do not miss my mother
And he’s a sorry fuck so there’s nothin in the cupboard
My little brother’s starving, hungry, and sick
Cause ain’t nobody coming by the house giving free shit
So he gettin kinda skinny and my brother’s almost dead
Got no other choice but for milk and bread
Stepped out the house for the first time in 2 years
Cause my neighborhood it ain’t really good
Lay up in my bedroom night after night
I hear screams, zombies shootin and lootin
But now here I am and I’m walkin down Jefferson
With a bag of moneybacks I don’t understand
How the world can be full of so many evil doer’s
I can hear ‘em underneath me in the sewers
Keep seeing shit out the corners of my eyes
Steady lookin over my back I didn’t realize
Where I was goin
I didn’t wanna bother anybody
Accidentally stepped on a dead body
Hey motherfucker watch where the fuck you’re goin (Sorry)
I might be dead, but I’ll kick your ass
Now I apologized but he still had to talk shit
So I stepped over his face and kept walkin
And here’s the part of my story that get’s really scary
Had to walk alone down Military

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