Testo Over and Over – Santana

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Testo della canzone Over and Over di Santana
Album: Zebop
Music/ Lyrics: Rick Meyers

Watcha gonna do with your life
Now that I´m leaving
Are you believing
You´ll make it on your own

Didn´t you believe what I said
Or was it just madness
Living in sadness
You´ll be all alone

I said it over and over
At least a hundred times
I have what you been missing
Look back and you may find

Now it´s time to walk out the door
It´s all been said now
I´m looking ahead now
Time to be moving on
Yes, I told you so many times
But you didn´t listen
You can´t see what you´re missing
What you never had before

I could have loved you
Like there was no tomorrow
It didn´t really matter
If you stole my love or borrowed
You know I could go crazy
But I just can´t remember
Exactly how to go there
And keep this love forever

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