Testo Overkill III (Under The Influence) – Overkill

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Testo della canzone Overkill III (Under The Influence) degli Overkill
Shall I wake or shall I sleep?
With dreams so warm so soft so deep.
A never ending tale enhanced.
A never ending thought…
Its… entranced…!!

Take from me. what you need.
Take my heart my soul my seed.
A lasting presence inside my mind.
At last a presence, a contract signed.

Turned my back, when I first saw you.
Turned to stone, when I ignored you!
Then something greater then my will,
Turned me round to Overkill.

From the shadows, called my name.
From the cold in, to the flame.
The wings around me kept me warm.
Through hollow eyes I was reborn.

All around me once dispised,
Could see the world now…
Through his eyes!
A people lead by blind ambition.
Signed on for life, into submission.

Hear me…
I hear your call!
I’d give it all.
If all my dreams come to life.
Hear me…
I hear your call!
I’d give it all.
If all my fears come to light.

Shall I wake or shall I dream?
Shall I become just what it seems,
A never ending tale fulfilled,
A never ending Overkill!!!

To see to taste, to touch the world
In jaded glory. danced and whirled!
To see it happen, as was told.
As new beginnings, now unfold.
Light the sky, the glow above.
See the bat, eat the dove!
Another stage, completed mission.
Signed on for life into submission.

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