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Testo della canzone PAPAS SONG di 2pac
Featuring Wycked]
Daddy’s Home…
[Tupac speaking]
So…you say that like it means somethin to me
You’ve been gone a mighty long muthafuckin time
for you to be comin home talkin that ‘daddy’s home’ shit
We been getting along fine just without you
Me, my brother, and my mother
So if you don’t mind, you can step the fuck off, pops
Fuck you!
Had to play catch by myself
what a sorry sight
A pitiful plight
so I pray for a starry night
Please send me a pops before puberty
the things I would do to see a piece of family unity
Moms always work, I barely see her
I’m startin to get worried without a pops I’ll grow to be her
It’s a wonder they don’t understand kids today
so when I pray, I pray I’ll never grow to be that way
And I hope that he answers me
I heard, guns unlike people
take a look at my family
a different father every weekend
before we get to meet him they breakup before the week ends
I’m gettin sick of all the friendships
As soon as we kick it he done split and then [uhh] shit ends quick
How can I be a man if there’s no role model
Strivin to save my soul I stay cold drinkin a forty bottle
I’m so sorry…
I’m so sorry
for all this time
for all this time
for all this time
Moms had to entertain many men
didn’t wanna do it but it’s time to pay the rent again
I’m gettin a bit older and I’m startin to be a bother
moms can’t stand me cause I’m lookin like my father
Shall I stay or run away
tell me tha answer
moms ignores me and avoids me like cancer
Grow up rough and it’s hard to understand stuff
moms was tough cause it’s poppa wasn’t man enough
couldn’t sta

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