Testo PARTNER FOR LIFE – Graham Parker

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Testo della canzone PARTNER FOR LIFE di Graham Parker
This is reported to be played with open tuning but what tuning
exactly I don’t know. I have created a simple version which
gets me by. It involves sliding the Cadd 9 up but leaving
the other strings open. In the chorus there is a flourish
which I play as Em9 054030 and Em7(2) 050430 to get back
to the G

Intro: G repeated to get the rhythm

From China to Chinatown New York to Tokyo
030010 050030
C Cadd9 Em7
Upstate to down Island From here to there

From the backyard to the wide wide open spaces
From the steel mills to the wind in your hair
From the claustrophobic beat of my heart
to the openness of your smile
We’re in this together going the distance
right down to the last mile

Cos you’re my partner You are my partner
C Em9 Em7 Em9
You’re my partner for life

(twice, then twice with just chords)

Up the coast of Africa to the Straits of Gibraltar
through that tunnel where the birds migrate
In a hotel room without running water
and all the clocks are running one hour late
And on the wall are paintings of couples intertwined
locked in embraces as if fighting for their lives
And the warm night air breathes through the open window
And husbands cling to their wives

CHORUS repeat

Em7(3) Em7
Well I know I know I know
030010 030030
C Cadd9 Cadd9(2)
why it just has to be just has to be

Well l know l know l know why
I’m wi

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