Testo Pimp Juice(Dirty) – Nelly

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Testo della canzone Pimp Juice(Dirty) di Nelly
Album: Nelly
One pound for the house, that’s all we need baby
Just one for the house.. c’mon

Pimp juice – oooohoooooohhooooooooooohhh
I think I need to let her loose
(might think I need to let her loose)
Let her loose, let her loooooose
She only want me for my pimp juice
(that’s all she want me for f’real)
Not my pimp juice, I’m talkin no pimp juice
I think I need to cut her loose
(it’s time for homegirl to recognize)
Yes I do, yes I doooooo-hoooo

I’m in that, seventy-four, Coupe DeVille
With the, power seats, leather, wood on my wheel
One-touch sunroof BUT leave it alone
Hoes see it can’t believe it –

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