Testo Pinata Party – Olsen Twins

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Testo della canzone Pinata Party delle Olsen Twins
Album: Birthday Party
Just like the kids in Mexico.
We’ll have a real fun party ya know.
We’ll wear the colors of the rainbow.
And listen to the trumpets blow.

I wanna go to a Pinata Party.
Party Hearty.
Sing and dance at a Pinata Party.
Till they tell us to go home.
We can sit here if you prefer.
But I’m a bit of an adventurer.
So help me move aside the furniture.
Hey everybody, grab a partner.

We can do the tango, or a few pirouettes.
Or we can do the Fan Dango,
as long as we’ve got castanets.


And then it’s time for the Pinata.
Swinging high like it oughta.
We’ll have the whole enchilada
when the stick hits Pinata.

It’s to be a sunny day,
when it breaks in two.
A honey of a sunny day,
raining goodies down on you.

Chorus (2 X)

La la la, la la la, la la la,
till they tell us to go home.
La la la, la la la, la la la,
Till they tell us to go home.

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