Testo PINK ON WHITE WALLS – Paul Weller

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Testo della canzone PINK ON WHITE WALLS di Paul Weller
Album: Miscellaneous
The sun shone pink on white walls
And the trees stood so tall
Defiant, proud and loud against the sky.
There’s no sign, there’s no plan
There ain’t even a helping hand
Just the bitter tang of sweet virtue.

Don’t waste your time –
Don’t hesitate –
Life is but a moment, you can’t wait,
Go & have your fun –
Go & lose your mind –
But can you get back to the ones you left behind?

When it comes, it comes quick!
An’ when you’re least expecting it
But the top’s the bottom, an’ the bottom is all you got.

The sun shone pink on my wall
And the trees stand so tall
I’m empty now – but funny how –
Defiant, proud & loud against the sky.

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