Testo Poison Words – Mary Black

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Testo della canzone Poison Words di Mary Black
I remember when we were sweethearts
I was safe with you, you were my protector
Those days are over, now I need someone
Someone to keep me safe from you

Love was all we had, we were young and sure
Whod expect their love would turn to war
I dont know who to pity more
How much pain can love endure?

I should leave you but I cant seem to
You say Im sorry dear and I believe you
Though the next time may be the worst yet
How easily I forgive, how quickly you forget

The poison words, the ugliness
When low on hope and deep into debt
The promises that bring regret
For loving you is this all I get?

The poison words, the ugliness
The cold remains of married bliss
To all our dreams a fatal kiss
Oh what kind of love is this?

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