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Testo della canzone Pokemon Are A Bad Combination With Trainers dei Pokemon
Album: Ash Is Soo Dumb
who thinx that ash is gay?
(crowd screams) MEEEEEE
and his pikachu too
ash is shit
becoz he licks pikachus poo
ash sux
suck suck suck SUX
every1 knooooooooows heeeeeeere
that ash ketchup is dumb
he likes to lick pikachus buuuuuuummmm
ash is dumb
ash is gay
pikachu too
with a barfay
assshhhhh sux
pokemon and ash both suck balls becoz Mrs Fogarty is a blob on 6 shlobs 4 u
ash is dumb
pikachu is gay
mistys a lesbian
brocks a barfae
vulpix is shitty
bulbasaur too
geodude and onix
the great big blobs o poo
so what to you think?

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