Testo Pool Party – Olsen Twins

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Testo della canzone Pool Party delle Olsen Twins
Album: Birthday Party
A pool party is a cool party.
It’s a gas, it’s a blast,
it’s a splash, splash, splash.
So get your suit and hat and sunblock too.
We’re gonna splash all afternoon.

It’s a gas, it’s a blast,

it’s a splash, splash, splash.

It’s a pool party and it’s cool.

We could start with sunblock.
Lather up, so we don’t get burned.
Then we’d jump on inner-tubes, sliding,
slipping right through with all that goop!

All we need is water, and a bathing suit. Oh Yeah!


We could synchronize swim.
Pretend we’re sharks with one small fin.
We could walk on our hands, quickly,
til we reached the deep end.

All we need is sunshine, and to know how to swim. Oh yeah!


We could have a chicken fight.
Or play a game of Marco Polo.
We could jump off all the sides, slashing,
rate how high the splashes go.

All you need is water, and to plug your nose. Oh Yeah!

After several hours,
all our fingers and our toes
will be shriveled prunes,
only they will not be edible!

We’ll be waterlogged, but we won’t mind at all! Oh no!


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