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Testo della canzone Power To Love di Ray Boltz
Power To Love

Words and music by Ray Boltz and Steve Millikan

Their leader was gone now
Their number was few
Left in the world full of hate
They gathered together
And started to pray
All they could do now was wait
That’s when the power
Came into the room
Praise started filling the air
Suddenly they were no longer afraid
They felt His love everywhere

It’s the power to love
The power to reach out
To someone in need
It’s the power to love
The power to conquer
This world full of greed
There is no equal on earth
Below or above
We have the power to love

It spread through the city
And out in the street
A multitude gathered around
The power of heaven
Was filling the earth
It turned the whole world upside down
People were singing
And praising the Lord
Laughter was filling the air
Filled with His glorious
Power and strength
They took His word everywhere


We will never lose
We will conquer through love


(c)1989 Shepherd Boy MusicASCAP (adm. By Integrated Copyright Group) and SonWorshippersASCAP. All rights reserved.

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