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Testo della canzone Promised dei Walkabouts
Promise me my soul to keep.
And promise me you’ll never sleep.
And promise me that when it’s over,
We will drink the whole world sober.

Promise me that lines get drawn.
Point no point to wish me well.
Promise me there’s no denying,
And you will stop to wish me well.

Oh promise me.

Promise me it’ll all get done.
And a lion’s share of good will last.
Promise me you’ll turn away first,
And promise me you won’t turn back.

For all the years we kept on trying,
It wasn’t ‘cause we were scared to quit.
Promise me there’ll be no pity,
And promise me there’ll be safer bets.

Oh promise me
You won’t make these promises.

With calloused hands we forged this hammer,
Broke these rocks into equal parts.
Sent the sparks, flyin’ off the handle.
Asked for nothing, but delivered much.

Never were the main event,
Always played the sideshow tent.
The drunken cowards came to look us over.
Can you promise we did not belong there?

Oh promise me
You won’t make these promises.

Promise me the best you know.
And promise me you’ll break down slow.
And when you find the nerve to quit,
Pass it ‘round and we’ll share in it

There is somethin’ cruel about this,
But I know hopeful it’s not far behind.
What was unknown just hours ago,
Is now the killer with the angel’s eye.

Oh promise me. X2

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