Testo Qualified – Chris Rea

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Testo della canzone Qualified di Chris Rea
I got a beat up piece of paper – It’s a message from a king
He says – I got to get you out of here
He say – I got to let you in
‘Cos I’ve been down the darkest road there is – I’ve seen the other side
I got a licence to go – Straight through your pain
Ain’t no big deal – ‘Cos I’m qualified – Yeah I’m qualified

Qualified in fear and pain – I’m qualified in lies and shame
I’m qualified with a broken heart
You knock me down – I get back up again
‘Cos’ I’m qualified

I’m qualified – To get your love
I’m qualified – To know what you’re thinking of
I’m qualified – in broken dreams
I can save you from where you’ve been
‘Cos I’m qualified

I’m qualified to make you smile
I’m qualified to save your pain
Qualified to give a real good time
Qualified to make your sun shine

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