Testo Que Dia Es Hoy Self Control – Ricky Martin

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Testo della canzone Que Dia Es Hoy Self Control di Ricky Martin
Album: Me Amaras
Which day is today?

Which day is today,

Day which rules my world,

Without control at my actions,

Little humor gets me up,

There is no sunshine, it is not summer,

My garden has been dry.

There are no flowers,

And my love is gone.

My heart thinks that it will explode,

Without looking at my really age,

Plants in my garden will arise again,

And I will not forget that it is like that.

My heart thinks that it will explode,

If we see at none place,

If I never get out from this dark,

If I never give you a strong hug.

Hey, you have one good chance,

Promise to me that you won’t go back in the past,

I promise that I will always love you,

With my body and my brain,

Everything will be different, yes,

hey, there are a lot of stuffs

About which we can talk about,

I know that start isn’t difficult,

it’s always my better side,

we have already forgot the past,

And we have returned in the present.

Sound of sadness in my room,

There is no light just spark,

Only religion and hope,

Illusion without revenge,

I have already past the same destiny,

I want to talk with you like a friend,

Compare our destines.

I love you my love, I love you without control

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