Testo Quiero (I Want) – Shakira

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Testo della canzone Quiero (I Want) di Shakira
Album: Miscellaneous
To waste my life…
devouring every one of your thoughts…
every step. …..Your freckles to fade
and every kiss and every embrace
to be drawn in their place.
And now that you are here
I’m happy once again.
I could understand what you were for me
let me love you, to the point
that you whither with my sadness…
Let every sky turn cloudy and let
it rain until it puddles.
Let me kiss you, to the point that you’re without breath
and let me embrace you with such a force
that I crush your bones.
And now you’re here
I’m happy once again
I could understand what you were to me.
I want to stretch out,
chase you, mock you,
I want to love you night and day,
I want to waste my life.
I want to tie you to my
sixty of waist (? )
Take you like a tattoo
I want to lose my sheepish ways… (?)

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