Testo Race Against Time II – JA RULE

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Testo della canzone Race Against Time II di JA RULE
Yeah, yeah, uh huh
Race against time, ha part two
You know, haha,
Uh, c’mon
Yeah, yeah, yeah, haha
Nothin like the future

[Verse 1]
Guess who’s back to personify money, power, and bitches
But when bitches been gettin money, that when shit get ridiculous
I’m hittin switches like six fo’s, bouncin and leanin
The west coast seemin, keep the fo’ fo’ demon
And the rock is all stashed up
Roll up a little diesel, keep it hashed up
Then Holla, Holla at the whores, is hollerin back
Let ‘em know a few facts like if your ridin, your back’s slidin
This is the ‘Race Against Time’ and I ain’t got time to waste
To give chase, I put a hole in your fin
But your head to the barrel like DJ’s is spinnin
Backward, to blow off the backwood, I’m so hood
But what’s really hood, when you ain’t doin your hood
no motherfuckin good, and bein misunderstood
I would die if I could, Rule the lion
And I’ma keep ri-da-da-da-da-in

[Chorus – 2X]
Race against time, I – can’t stop
Runnin through the red light – livin my life
Even if I’m gettin too hot
Still I can’t stop – Ri-da-da-da-din

[Verse 2]
Bless the day that the God was born two, twenty-nine, seventy-six
This cocaine was heavily mixed
And all them niggaz had a fixation for bad reputation
For pimpin hoes, and shootin fo, to bring the free basin
If this is time erasin, the devil is runnin like Bettis
And got his guns out lookin for ways to behead us
You can die in a matter of seconds, so I’ma slow it down
Turn back the hands of time with the 40 Cal
Claimin your style is the realest, so I’ma define the meanin of murder, it’s killer
You outta your mind,

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