Testo Reminding Me (Of Sef) (feat. Chantay Savage) – Common

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Testo della canzone Reminding Me (Of Sef) (feat. Chantay Savage) di Common
Album: Replacements
Yeah, yeah, what, yeah
Reminding me of Sef, what?
Fat fat thick booty, what?
You say jack that big booty, yo
He say OOH OH
I heard the boy he said OOH OH
The party people he said OOH OH
Uhh uh uh uhh yo yo yo
Check it, check it

Driftin on a memory, brought forth
from a fifth of Hennesey, as in times
of eighty-nine they envision me
Warm days and the cold beer chemistry
Eventually broken up by responsibilities and such
Sometimes this era mentally I reconstruct
High school I came out it
Cats with clout at graduation got they name shouted
Go to Great America, me and my lady rock the same outfit
My niggaz be fuckin girls that she hang out with
Round then Guy came out with, ‘Piece of My Love’
Arguin over if he said,

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