Testo Reunion Of The Heart – The Hollies

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Testo della canzone Reunion Of The Heart di The Hollies
Album: Miscellaneous
Never thought there could be so much more
You picked me up when I was living down in Egypt
You let me in and opened up the door
Went and showed me just how much you thought my heart meant
I turned and walked away into the wilderness
Now who’d have guessed

Hear you callin my name for a reunion
Hear you callin my name for a reunion
Thought I wandered too far away
But now I’ve got a brand new start
Reunion, reunion of the heart

Now I’m standing on the edge of the land
I want to go on in and take all that you gave me
But I’m frightened and you understand
I blew it last time but I don’t want a repeat
Still when I’m quiet again, shelter from the noise
I just hear your voice


Reunion, reunion of the heart

I hear you callin me
I’ve been so alone
Darlin darlin darlin darlin comin’ home

chorus x 2

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