Testo Rhyming Skills – Eminem

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Testo della canzone Rhyming Skills di Eminem
yo(6x) LIL P now right back in your motherfucking ass

yo when I was little the first word was shit
dope shit nobody no this but im smoke shit
nothing to loose I hate chicks skinny bitches with wet pussy’s
that fake shit you say that I say this I hate my ex wife with
her small tits and wit her small bra all over her drips
everybody can kiss my ass if you like it don’t you like it
go kill your wife and kids and steal his pocket money to buy
some LIL P hits this is rap first beat with las fuck your wife in her ass
while she is dead and that’s the best last sex that you ever had
I hate every fucking nazi on my school off in the ”S” im fucking sick
off those motherfucking fags if I had a gun im shoot all those
motherfuckers dead and pick one and shoot him on his head
yes now I can laugh you know why cuz im a SUPERMAN
fly to the grand canyon and help some superspanish gunshot victims
BANG,BANG,BANG yeah that’s my style LIL P in the range
I chopped a fan with my ass in Amsterdam

(LIL P talking)
haha!!….fucking faggots I got something for ya
here take this (gunshot5x)yeah in your fucking head
little pussy’s I hate all ya who hate me……im dun(gunshot1x)

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