Testo Richard – Billy Bragg

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Testo della canzone Richard di Billy Bragg
Album: Lifec120s A Riot With Spy Vs Spy
Richard belongs to jayne
And jayne belongs to yesterday
How can i go on
When every alpha particle hides a neon nucleus

Neil belongs to love
And love belongs to no man
How can he go on
When no-one answers the adverts in his mind?

There will be parties, there will be fun
There will be prizes for everyone
And hey, hey, hey, here comes richard
There will be ladies dressed in lace
I just want to see her face
When hey, hey, hey, here comes richard

You helped me build this bed
But you won’t help me sleep in it
When i fall between you and the wall
Our titanic love affair sails on the morning tide


I really love you style
Did you read it in the look and learn?
How long can we go on?
Do you think i only love you
Because you sleep with other boys


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