Testo Ricochet – Dead Moon

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Testo della canzone Ricochet dei Dead Moon
Album: Trash & Burn
I’ve been dragged through the mud
Told i ain’t enough
Done a lot of hard livin’ in a world that’s sometimes cold
I been pitched and taken in
My future’s looking grim
Somehow i disconnected along that road
But try as i may
I can never be the same
This time i’m here to stay

Seen the walking side of death
The eyes that never rest
Been waiting in a line for the call that never comes
But kid, don’t hold your breath
You’re only second best
Ain’t personal just business being done

With a paralysing gaze
I walked onto the stage
Could i really be the outcast coming home
As i turn to look at you
The way you’ve fallen too
I hope i can take it when it goes

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