Testo Right Place – Petra

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Testo della canzone Right Place dei Petra
Album: No Doubt
Words by Bob Hartman
Music by Ronny Cates

Got no place to run, gotta look up to see the bottom
No visible support – no one there you can lean on
You’re all on your own – you know it’s sink or swim
There is no doubt about it, you have to look to Him

When you think you’ve had enough
No more you can do
When you feel like giving up
Deadline is in view
When your time is almost gone
You haven’t got a clue
Now’s the time to turn your face


You’re in the right place – trusting only Him
You’re in the right place – kick back and just depend
You’re in the right place – to see what He can do
You’re in the right place – He will come through

When you’re sinking fast – takin’ water in your boat
No one to bail you out – you think it’s all she wrote
The odds are against you – your chances slim to none
A hopeless situation – you got no place to run

No one has a rescue plan
Waiting in the wings
Now’s the time to call His name
He can do all things
When your self-reliance fails
You still have a prayer
You will have to trust His grace

repeat chorus

When you abide, He will provide
Never shorthanded
When you will pray, He’ll make a way
He won’t leave you stranded

repeat chorus

Copyright (c) 1995 Petsong Pub. (Adm. By Word, Inc.)/SESAC/Rowdy’s Groove Music/BMI

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