Testo Riot Act – Elvis Costello

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Album: Get Happy
Testo della canzone Riot Act di Elvis Costello
forever it doesn’t mean forever anymore
I said forever
but it doesn’t look like I’m going to be around much anymore
when the heat get so tropical
and the talk gets so topical

riot act
you can read me the riot act
you can make me a matter of fact
or a villain in a million
the slip of the tongue is going to keep this civilian

why do you talk such stupid nonsense
when my mind could rest much easier
instead of all this dumb-dumb insolence
I would be happier with him pleasin’ ya

they say forget her
now it looks like you’re either gonna be
be for me or against me
I got your letter
now they say I took it from the color that its hate mail
trying to be so bad is bad enough
don’t make me laugh by talking tough
don’t put your heart out on your sleeve
when your remarks are off the cuff

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