Testo Rip Me Apart – DORO PESCH

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Testo della canzone Rip Me Apart di DORO PESCH
I feel it in my blood
And I sense it in my soul
I feel it all around
Everywhere I go
I feel you touch me
When I’m dreaming
You’re with me when I drown
You haunt me when I loose it
You spin my head around

Rip me apart
Take my soul
Take me anywhere you want to
Show me the love that I don’t know
Take my heart
Beyond control
Take me anywhere you’d love to
Show me places I don’t know
Rip me apart
Take my soul
Just take me with you

I can’t breath
I can’t speak
Not able to think
I can’t even sleep
I’m filled with desire
I’m longing so deep
A desperate yearning
The loving we keep
I’m burning in your hands
Glowing like steel
Your hands on my body
Making me feel …
I’m praying for shelter
I’m praying for god
It looks like I’m dying
But I know I’m not …


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