Testo Rocking Horse Road – Elvis Costello

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Album: Brutal Youth
Testo della canzone Rocking Horse Road di Elvis Costello
The chains from the bridle and the reins fell from my hands
And the engines are idle and the ship sails on dry land
I stood there stupified; I thought I recognize
Walking down Rocking Horse Road…getting lost

Shot through vaseline, he picks up the paper from the lawn
And tucks the suburban assassin underneath his arm
He smiles weakly and turns away; I know I’ll never come to harm
Walking down Rocking Horse Road…it’s so peaceful…

It’s like a photograph from the other side of the world
I said I want you only and then I left you alone
Crying on Rocking Horse Road…or somewhere quite like it

The cemetery gardens, there are names not numbers on the gate posts
And eyes in the curtain follow you like a smirking ghost
I know I must not look back ‘cause part of me is waiting still
There on Rocking Horse Road for you
In a little dream house made for two

Where you were the one, who made your escape
In your stocking feet and your sticky tape
All the way down (x5)
Now walking down Rocking Horse…
Rockin’, Rockin’, Rockin’ Horse
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