Testo Room 213 – Dead Moon

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Testo della canzone Room 213 dei Dead Moon
Album: Strange Pray Tell
He slips into the room with the broken mirrors
Trying to make the voices in his head disappear
He crashes to the floor, his head in his hands
Trying to recover from his mother’s demands
Something strange ist going down in room 213

Inside he fears the strangers in the photo repair
Trying to fix the damage from the chain and the chair
No one hears the screaming from the house of fear
No one sees the man with no eyes appear
And something strange ist going down in room 213

Have you had the feeling that you’ve been there before
Wait a minute mister while i get off the floor
Your bones lie chilling, your blood turns cold
There’s a red tattoo carved into your skull
And something strange is going down in room 213

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