Testo Room Service – Frank Zappa

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Testo della canzone Room Service di Frank Zappa
Album: Unknown
Hallo! hello!
Is this room service?


Is this room service at the hotel leningrad?

Oh, oh, oh, jawohl!
What would you like…?
Yeas, this is room service

Look here, buddy

Yeas, what would you like?

Oh, i’m so hungry!
You know, when you’re a tourist and everything
And you travel around, you know
Going to all the neat little shops

Ten marks, costs you ten marks

I’m so hungry!

This call is going to cost you ten marks
You got to understand that in the fo…, in the front

Look here

Everything costs ten marks

Ivan, listen

Ivan, that’s me

You’re going to sleep
You’re going to sleep
I am so hungry
Can you bring me something to eat right away?

Bouillia… bouilliabai?

No bouilliabai


No boogie-a-bay

How’s about boogie-the-bay?

No boogie-woogie-the-bay

How’s about a fishie with the eye fallin’ out?

Fish with…? hey, that sounds delicious!
Send me some fish with the eyes falling out

How about a little sand over it?
That’ll make it…

Sand on the fish, yes, a sand-fish

That be ten marks

Do you have a sand-fish here?

The eye’s ten marks
The fishie is forty

Hey, listen!


The people in your country certainly are charming
You know where i can get some pussy?


Never mind, look

This is very, this is very respectable hotel, you understand

Just send me up…

You t

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