Testo Royal Orleans – Led Zeppelin

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Testo della canzone Royal Orleans dei Led Zeppelin
Album: Presence
Walk the town alone, you better take care how you use it
Try to make it last all night, And if you take your pick
Be careful how you choose it, Sometimes its hard to feel it bite
Feel it bite
A man I know, went down to Louisiana,
Had himself a bad, bad fight, And when the sun peeks through
John Cameron he sees (sandy???)
He kissed the whiskers and left and right, Whiskers!
Now, now, now, A fight subsides
Out at a hotel in the quarter, A friendship took a bash tonight
Now love gets hot, Look far for a sea with water
Grew whiskers sittin’ there through the night
Down on Bourbon street, You know it’s right
You can see my friend
When they run around us in the night
Most everywhere, Until the closet’s bare
Run for the razor, fun, Doin’ up my hair
New Orleans queens, Sure know how to schmooz it
Maybe for some that seems alright, When I step out
I’m struck down with my sugar
She wears my cloak like fairy white
Now, one town love, Take care how you use it
And try to make it last all night, Take your pick
Be careful how you choose it
Sometimes it’s hard to feel it bite.

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