Testo Rubicon – Journey

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Testo della canzone Rubicon dei Journey
Album: Frontiers
Steve Perry/Neil Schon/Jonathan Cain)

In this promised land
Fire burnin’ in our hands
The choice is ours to make
Realize your fantasy
You live the dream
With every step you take
Stand tall stand on the edge
Use the thin end of the wedge
The will to cast your fate
Don’t turn around too late
Lose ground if we hesitate
BUrning youth won’t wait

Make a move across the Rubicon
Future knockin’ at your door
Take your time
And choose the road you want
Opportunity is yours

See it all so clear
Time is right time is near
We know what to do
All God’s children learn
Which way to turn
Turnin’ back we’re through
We all refuse to lose
Live life and light the fuse
Burning youth won’t wait

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