Testo Running Out Of Time – Dead Moon

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Testo della canzone Running Out Of Time dei Dead Moon
Album: Nervous Sooner Changes
There ain’t no mystery here
We just try to get by
No use in having a plan
They’ll only cut up you sky
You can’t open their eyes
Once you give in to the lie
Baby, i know we’re running out of time

We’ve seen them come and go
There’s been so many i know
We used to feel like that a long, long time ago
We ain’t really so different
We’re all walking the line
And baby, we too are running out of time

We ain’t the first to be braced
And we won’t be the last
By the moment we’d stop
It’s already gone past
We’ve been living a thrill
In the blink of an eye
But baby, we too are running out of time

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