Testo Satisfied – Crystal Lewis

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Testo della canzone Satisfied di Crystal Lewis
Album: Miscellaneous
sitting in traffic too long
listening to my favorite song
watching all the cars go by
my mind wanders and wonders why

i cant drive a car like that
i cant have a little more cash
for a bigger house with much more room
for more leather jackets, hats, and dresses,
high-heel shoes

i bring myself back to reality
what was i thinking, i have everything i need
i dont want for anything at all…
im satisfied

satisfied [love your life]
satisfied [laugh a lot]
satisfied [be content]
satisfied [with what youve got]

ive been given sweet salvation
forgiveness came and rescued me
i am wrapped up in redemption
i was guilty – now im free

i think about the air i breathe
i think about the song i sing
i think of friends and family
i think what ive got i like a lot its all i need

dont let this world trick you in to thinking
you need what its got to be happy
satisfaction comes from something
this world cannot provide…
be satisfied!

everything we really need
from now until eternity
God already knows we need it
God already knows we need it

stop your eyes from darting here and there
trust your desires to His care
His promises are true…!

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