Testo Saturday (Ooh Ooh) – Ludacris

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Testo della canzone Saturday (Ooh Ooh) di Ludacris
Click, click
Click, click
Click, click
DTP nigga!

I started with ten mack tens
And ten clips and ten pens
Got ten times with’cha in the span of ten years
Bitch I’m ten times two on a scale of one to ten
I’ll battle ten crews with the strength of ten men

At nine, I was into crime, sex, and drugs
Pushin’ an ’89 Box Chevy sittin’ on dubs
Nine thugs all ski masks, black suited with gloves
Break the imprinted chest with at least nine slugs

Man I ate eight clips with eight chicks
Watching eight flicks
You’s 8-6 if you ate pussy with fake lips
I figure eight when my mind goes in circles
Did I do that or was it Mystikal and Erkul?

On to 7 Ak 47, so what?
I got seven hoes stoppin’ by at seven to fuck
Then put seven in your chest seven days a week
And add a foot for good measure you’ll be seven feet deep

It goes 10-9-8-7-6-5-4
3-2-murder 1 lyrics at your door
These DTP niggas come ready for war
So don’t start the fucking game
If you won’t settle the score

I got six hoes distributing on six blocks
It’s blistering from cops tryna stop these rocks from distributing
Six gun shots left
One pint of Vodka before this pimp will hit
It’s street justice, now it’s six hole in your casket

Give me a high five and I’ll put that nine lower than your asophagus
Then smack you so hard that you have to come with 2pacalypse
Five stars, twenty rims, five cars
I’d add more but I had to subtract one from five bars

I got four forty-fours on a rip on the floor
For you niggas talkin’ shit
I’m fixin’ to show you what for
I did four months in the bing instead of a hearst
Now it’s DTP for l

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