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Testo della canzone Say What di LL Cool J
Album: Violator The Album
Most thugz front when they get the change (say what)
Some thugz hit the blunt when they get to state (say what)
Like thugz that make cheddar then they make plans

[Verse 1]
I cool J N.Y. two K rule milleniums with my compadres
They toungue slay with really nothing to say
They pack guns but I stack one’s
I’m second to none my hot streak’s just begun uh
You wanna bring beef you got to serve it well done
You ran the wrong way now you living on the run
Not some, each one are bums, everyone
Coughed up a lung became my son, planes, I brung, platinum weighs a ton
Heavy on the chest, I pity all the rest, I put em to the test, I spit it like
I’m blessed
I testify, I have no need to lie, I buried many, still many wanna die
I zone out crazy, staring don’t faze me, got yo whole strategy shook, It’s
full daisy


[Verse 2]
Clap, reload, clap, reload, got yo pegion sittin in my lap, E-X Plode
Duck when you hear the rat-tat-tat, cause once you cross over baby ain’t no
coming back
Believe that, I blows when I hit that, shop till I get that, never mind a
No time to wet that, a lyrical hi-jack, you don’t wanna try that
Creep with my Cd, don’t let em know you buy that
Wanted a snitch, one in a whip with the Lo-Jack, callin 9-1-1 to get the L L
O-Ri-Ginal bells L L, rock em till the fell, competiton bail
Look like Mitch Green when Mike had him swell
Wrote all them rhymes, and never gon sell
Meanwhile I’m counting prezzies in the tel
And in meanwhile I throw my baby in Chanel


[Verse 3]
Uh, I’m lyrically hot tonight, come on
Uh, I’m lyrically hot tonight, come on
Layin low to catch you on stage, so I could run on
Matta of fact you not my level, I throw my son on
Mission is complete, technique is unique, uh, defeat, the rhyme weak
Yo mind a deep weak, you wanna make beats and give Jeeps the creeps
Even if you walking wit yo walkman in the streeta, acted gassed up, but you
really on E
How you coutin yo papaer kid witout a G.E.D
Slow down let me do my thing now hold up
Maybe that’s the reason you streesed, quick to roll up
Put the L down, pick the other L. L. up
Maybe we can straighten this out before it’s toe up
Watch me closely, (Boom Boom) I’ma blow up
Spend the whole rest of my life, stacking doe up


Whoo, Bennie Bigs you hot with this one dog…
…..talking untill end

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