Testo Secret Weapon – Petra

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Testo della canzone Secret Weapon dei Petra
Album: Unseen Power
I’ve waited patiently for your reply
you say you’ll come around by and by
I’ve tried to show the way into the light
but I just won’t let you go without a fight
you think my hands are tied
but you will never hide, no
I’ve got you in my sight day and night

I’ve got a secret weapon
I’ll pray for you
I’ve got a secret weapon
gonna get through
I really care about you
I’ll pray for you

I’ve told you everything you need to know
but you still fluctuate to and fro
you just can’t push yourself over the edge
so I will pull the rug behind the hedge
how can you ever lose
this deal you can’t refuse
so with your hands up high
reach for the sky


I won’t give up on you
I’ll pray until the night is through
and you surrender to the light
come on surrender


Romans 1:9, 2 Corinthians 10:4


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