Testo Set Up(Ft.Havoc) – Nas

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Testo della canzone Set Up(Ft.Havoc) di Nas
Uhh.. (yeah, yeah, yeah)
Q.B. since 1933 (know dat)
To nine-six (nine-six motherfucker)
Check the shit

Escobar 600

Check the shit
My mindset, son got wet, I’m vexed really
They snatched off his Rolex, smacked his bitch silly
Why niggaz actin illy word to Will he bout to feel it
I feel it, he shoulda been dealt wit it
Them niggaz sour, they put to much flour in they coke
And got the nerve to wonder WHY THEY BROKE
While we was gleamin, niggaz was scheamin
Seen the ill Beamers beamin
Triple-beam and doublin cream, had em feenin
to get they fingers on the dosa, I called Sosa
Sosa, these niggaz hit the God, bring the toaster
Meet me in the ‘Bridge I’m bout to go loca
Left my ‘rat beggin me to stay and stroke her
He came through with two fly bitches, Venus and Vicious
wit two macs inside the Volvo, what up God, I’m still sober
I need some Henn’ to bend me over
My nigga Hav got a soldier
It’s gettin down it’s goin down kid (I got this, I got this)
I heard he might not live, I’m holdin back tears
Told these broads, to put it in gear
with two females that don’t smile diggin they style yo
Whattup son, these niggaz done started somethin wild
You know the clique well, Ramel with the gold in his grill
Tried to get a name holdin the steel, I paid attention to the females
Maintain bitches when it get real
Sos’ pulled me close and told me the deal
He said both hoes’ll peel, spray shots and reload
and still handle the wheel, point em out smoke a Phil’ then chill
I layed back Escobar status, knowin The Firm got it cornered
We on it, shit we was born wit

Chorus: Havoc

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