Testo Sexy, Sexy Lover – Modern Talking

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Testo della canzone Sexy, Sexy Lover dei Modern Talking
Oh, I’m Looking At The Same Old Star
I’ll Be There For You – But You’re So Far
Please Come Back To Me – I Can’t Love A Memory
You’re The Nearset Thing To Heaven Girl
Baby, Just For You – I’ll Fly Around Thw World
Oh, Everything I Do – I Do It Just For You

My Sexy Sexy Lover – Tell Me There’s No Other
Tell Me There’s No Other – Deep In Your Heart
My Sexy Sexy Lover – I Wanna Be Your Cover
There’s No Other That’s Breaking Apart
Oh, My Sexy Little Lover – Swear There Is No Other
I’ Feel Alone When I’m Coming Home
Oh, My Sexy Little Lover – Tell Me There’s No Other
When I’m Down – Need You All Around

I’m Not A Man Who Wants To Be Alone
And I Cannot Love You At The Telephone
Oh, Baby You And I – We’re Flying One Mile High
Oh, Nobody Knows How I Feel Tonight
I Will Die For You – You Are By My Side
More Than You Will Know – See My Love Will Grow

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