Testo Shadow Man – BARRY MANILOW

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Testo della canzone Shadow Man di BARRY MANILOW
No one knows you but they all love you
Just don’t let them get too much of you
Careful man
Don’t forget you’re the shadow man

Look how many beleave they need you
Look how many tried to read you
No one can
You get off on it shadow man

And so you smile your smile
And fool those fools you care about
You’ve got it all
You’ve got the whole thing figured out
Well haven’t you?

Just confuse’em with smoke and static
Make’em think that you enigmatic
That’s the plan
You’re the best at it shadow man

And when anyone penetrated
The illusion that you created
Off you ran
You’re too fast for them
Shadow man

No emotional complication
That would ruin your reputation
Every fan
Needs a fantasy shadow man

If they could see behind the smile
And find the fear and doubt
They’d turn away
They’d have the whole think figured out

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