Testo Shandy – Kris Kristofferson

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Testo della canzone Shandy di Kris Kristofferson
I was just a young man
Working steady in a good time band
Pickin’ every single little lick I could
Just to please the man
Harlan sang the lead for half
And we split up the rest
Hangin’ on through the heavy times
And hopin’ for the best

And I can’t recall the names of all
Them places that we played in
All them squirrely party girls
And pills we used to pop
Hardly ever sleepin’ in
Those cheap motels we stayed in
Hopin’ we could take it ‘til we’d make it to the top

And them nights, get a little bit brighter
And them bars just a little bit better
And the sweet, just a little bit sweeter
But them blues, well it’s still the same old song

Now we’re stars and shining on
Them prime time t.v. shows
Every stranger knows our name
And every little where we go
Findin’ out the bottom ain’t so different

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