Testo She Loves Her – Too Short

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Testo della canzone She Loves Her di Too Short
{*women’s voices moaning in ecstasy like porno videos*}

[Too $hort]
Are you in heaven, or is it real life
Cause ain’t nobody ever made you feel like
you can’t get enough it, you keep wantin more
Ever since you was young, you felt the need to explore
Baby girl youse a natural, you can’t hide it
The way you put that strap on, and let her ride it
Gave her multiple orgasms, witcha vibrator
All five flavors tasted like Life Savors
I know you love her, everything about her
Laid in the bed, you sprinkled baby powder, on the sheets
Smilin, kissin down her spine
Climbed over, and then y’all did the 69
Cause her touch, is nothin like your man’s
Soft as a baby when her butt is in yo’ hands
And she does, so many different things
Make yo’ body start shakin almost instantly

{*women’s voices moaning in ecstasy like porno videos*}
[$hort] She loves her
{*women’s voices*}
[$hort] She’s lovin her
{*women’s voices*}
[$hort] I know you love her
{*women’s voices*}
[$hort] She’s lovin it

[Too $hort]
Sunshine in your life, hope it lasts forever
No bad weather, got her ass on the dresser
Lookin so good, she got you so wet
You might be switchin up the good but you don’t know yet
It’s a brand new experience, you knew the day would come
Find you a girl, and get you some
If it’s her first time, I bet you can’t tell
Cause she got down on her knees and licked that thang well
And when you taste her, you can’t replace her
Smooth like Remi X-O with no chaser
You look in the mirror, and see your own reflection
Face in her thighs, with no long erection

{*women’s voices moaning in ecstasy like porno vide

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