Testo She Took My Soul in Istanbul (The Blue Mosque Mix) – Marc Almond

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Testo della canzone She Took My Soul in Istanbul (The Blue Mosque Mix) di Marc Almond
Once in a night
I spent in Istanbul
I had a dream of a forbidden world
Where even angels
Fear to look upon
A place where all of love is doomed to die

Her face appeared
Through clouds of bitter wine
Sour as the morning’s early hours
She took my hair
And she curled it around
Her fingers
I was but a fool for love

The scent of Turkish oils
Mixed with the harsh tobacco
In the overcrowded bar
And cool mint in her hair
I was a fool for love
I was a fool

She sang to me
A torch song softly laced
With mysteries Arabian
It poisoned my mind
A sickness in my soul
I tried
I didn’t want to hear at all

A curtain fell
Before my eyes I did
Succumb into her healing breast
She sang that song
I gave her all my soul
And my all
To the pleasures of the flesh

I cried that night
For those forsaken times
Those times when I was
Simply satisfied
I turned to dust
That night a thousand times
That night a thousand times I died inside
And through what’s left
Of my sad life I hear
Her singing in the fevers of the night

Look into the mirror of my eyes
And tell me what you see
It’s not your love I need
You’ll see
Sorrow, tears and darkness
These are the pleasures
Beyond your dreams

The stars were out
That night in Istanbul
I realised that I’d run out of time
You looked into my eyes
What did you see?
You saw a fate worse than a thousand deaths
Waiting for me

I started to run
Up through the old bazaar
In my head the soun

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