Testo Shepherd Boy – Ray Boltz

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Testo della canzone Shepherd Boy di Ray Boltz
Shepherd Boy

Words and Music by Ray Boltz and Steve Millikan

One by one Jesse’s sons
Stood before the prophet
Their father knew a king
Would soon be found
And each one passed
Except the last
No one thought to call him
Surely he would never
Wear a crown

But when others see a shepherd boy
God may see a king
Even though your life seems filled
With ordinary things
In just a moment He can touch you
And everything will change
When others see a shepherd boy
God may see a king

One by one problems come
And dreams get shattered
And sometimes it’s hard
To understand
But things like chance
And circumstance
They don’t really matter
Our Father holds tomorrow
In His hands


Well it wasn’t the oldest
It wasn’t the strongest
Chosen on that day
And yet the giants fell
And nations trembled
When they stood in his way


1989 Shepherd Boy MusicASCAP and SonWorshippersASCAP.

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