Testo Sherry Darling (Alt) – Bruce Springsteen

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Testo della canzone Sherry Darling (Alt) di Bruce Springsteen
Album: Unknown
Say Sons

Well, I got a little girl down by the river
Now she keeps ??? tight
I got a little girl, she every night

She says I’m feeling like a wild, hands on ???
then she keeps me all night.

So come on, down by the river
come on, come on now.
Just come on, down by the river
It’s alright.

Well baby, let me protect you little darling
If you let me ???
I know, if you’ll just let me in.
Well, every day just brings in the same

but every night…???

Yes, come on, down by the river
oh, come on, girl, it’s alright.
Well, come on, down by the river
Hold tight.

This song should be one verse!

Sherry Darling (with party noises)

Hey, hey, hey, what do you say, Sherry Darling.

Well, your mama’s yappin’ in the back seat,
Tell her push over and move them big feet,
Every Monday morning I gotta drive her to the agency.

Well, tell her I ain’t fighting , tell her I give up.
Tell her she wins, but, if she’ll just shut up.
The last time that she’s gonna be riding with me.

Well, tell her there’s a hot sun beatin’ on the blacktop,
She keeps walking, walking that last block
It’ll take her together??, back to the ghetto tonight.
Well, I got some beer and the highway’s free,
And I got you and baby, you got me.
Hey, hey, hey, what do you say, Sherry Darling.

Big Man…

Well, little kid’s waiting on the beach,
they’re so fine, but they’re out of reach,
and they never go on down to the river like me.
Well, let them run before the tide,
with our heart open wide,
and let them all come running, baby you’re on…
(this is, Let there

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