Testo Shooting Dirty Pool (2:20) – Replacements

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Testo della canzone Shooting Dirty Pool (2:20) dei Replacements
Album: Pleased To Meet Me
Rock ‘n roll loudmouth,__________________
Stroke another one down, right behind my back.
Do us all a favor, get yourself a spine.
Everybody’s chokin’ on the grapevine.


Shootin’ dirty pool, spewin’ dirty lies.
Shootin’ dirty pool, spewin’ dirty lies.

I heard it on the airwaves. I seen it in my class. {glass?}
Get your money on the table. Get your head out of your ass.
You’re the coolest guy that I ever have smelt.
I ain’t a notch on nobody’s belt.


Why don’t you get a haircut, sister? That’s it.


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