Testo Show Em What They Won – Nelly

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Testo della canzone Show Em What They Won di Nelly
Album: Nelly
Yeah, yeah, check, check
See I ain’t about playin, Leezy ‘bout cash in advance
Cash in on the casual, actual, factual plan
Makin a killin man, went from that to makin a livin
Rightous willin, the only thing supreme swimmin
And proceed, to not smoke weed around the seed
It’s the new way, new life, peace true indeed, off T’s
I dwell on off how y’all plan makin mo’ money, so I had to buy a fly chain
Ran in this game, dirt broke, now it’s MTV with Kurt Lod’
With the Q-four-feezy, be hurtin folks
Keep the bird toast, black handle, horoscope hood scandle
You the type of niggas puffin in shirts, socks and sandels
Keep the God in me, the Hova Ja knew Allah in me
Ball wit’ me, don’t tell ‘em who saw when ‘bout to squall wit’ me
Fall wit’ me, this pure mic dope I’m sellin
It’s the man with mellow rap, felon, constantly yellin

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