Testo Slow Train – Deep Purple

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Testo della canzone Slow Train dei Deep Purple
How can you live in such a state?
Your mind is empty and you’re full of hate
The things you say and the things you do
Mark you down as a helpless fool

I know, I know, I know, I know
It’s gonna be all right through the night
Tomorrow comes and you’re full of shame
Oh baby! You play the crying game


Gonna be a long time baby
Before we get it sorted out all right
I’ll drag you out to Utopia, baby
[?We’ll end up heading?] south

I need, I need, I need to know
If you gonna do me right
If you do the things I ask of you
I’ll tell the world tonight

He he he he hee… All right

You do me right, you do me wrong
Tell me, where do I belong?
You do me up, you do me down
I accept it all without a frown

You love like a woman in a fantasy
Ha ha ha I admire you for my dream
You dream of life and you dream of [???]
High enough but I’m back again

I love, I love, I love the funny ways
Oh you throw me in a daze
If you ever left me woman
I’d destroy myself, sure as hell


We’re gonna ride a slow train baby
And take all the whistles stops oh no – yes we are
We’ll put down the blinds while the carriage flies
[?The engine burns hot?] while the fuzz is going on
So I’ll burn its [???] to ash
Well there’s a life to live and there’s love to give
Ready! Steady! Smash!

Alright! Yeah! Uh mmh!

You just got to be out of your head
Whe you say you’ll go look for the bottom of the top
Well I’ll be waiting and won’t give it a rest
[??????????????] something’s going on
and it’s sure [???????]
Just like me he

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