Testo Small Two Bedroom Starter – Reba Mcentire

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Testo della canzone Small Two Bedroom Starter di Reba Mcentire
( harry shannon, mitch johnson)

The house stood empty on a corner
Waiting for a brand new owner
A soldier off to war who had to leave his bride alone

She couldn’t buy too many nice things
On a gi bill and daydreams
But she tried until they told her
He was never coming home

Small two bedroom starter
Needs a little fixing
A great big yard for kids and pets to play
This one won’t last too long
It’s close to schools and churches
Owner leaving town
You better hurry down today

Bought by the high school teacher
Sold it to a baptist preacher

Who couldn’t pay his taxes
Cause his flock had gone astray
So the banker fenced the yard in
Planted trees and half a garden
The man from dallas kept it up
Till he moved away

Repeat chorus

You and i we built the playroom
For the baby that came too soon
Spent money that we didn’t have
Trying to make this place our own

Lord it makes me feel like dying
After all these years of trying
Honey we’ll just bought this house
That we can’t seem to make a home

Repeat chorus

Small two bedroom starter
Waiting for a brand new owner

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