Testo Snowbound – Ozark Mountain Daredevils

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Testo della canzone Snowbound di Ozark Mountain Daredevils
Album: Don’t Look Down
everything’s freezin’ up fast
everyone’s lookin’ for wood
some folks say it won’t last
some folks say it’s for good
I got my lady and my time to kill
I guess I’ll stay here by this window sill
‘cause I’m
somebody said it’s a sign
somebody said it’s a shame
somebody said it’s a crime
who do you blame
I got my firewood and my kerosene
I think I’ll lay back and just dream a dream
‘cause I’m
yes, I’m snowbound
there ain’t no way to get out
there ain’t no way to get in
I don’t know what it’s about
and there ain’t no sign of the end
I got my rocker and my apple wine
I might just stay here ‘til the end of time
‘cause I’m…

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