Testo So Gone (Remix W Young Buck) – Monica

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Testo della canzone So Gone (Remix W Young Buck) di Monica
So gone over you you you

Young Buck:
this is the official remix

New Monica!
Young Buck!

This is the remix you didn’t have to wait that long
Monica Missy and Young Buck remix is so gone
and my love for the game is so strong
I can hold on
so you can tell me whats goin on
Monica come on

Silly of me
Devoted so much time
to find you unfaithfull boy
i nearly lost my mind (don’t do that don’t do that)
drive past your house every night
in an unmarked car
Wonderin what she had on me
to make you break my heart

you make me feel
I’m so gone
soo gone
you make me feel
soo unreal

Young Buck:

Nights i couldnt sleep
you let the sun beat you home
i asked my self over again what am i doing wrong?
to make you stay out all night
and not think to call
what does she have over me
to make you not think to call home

you make me feel
I’m so gone
soo gone
you make me feel
soo unreal

Listen boy
i’m a rowdy chick
sometimes i have to fight
cuz my mouth too slick
baby why you doin me like i aint worth shit
make me wanna ride past your house and sit
kick down your door and smack your chick
Just to show you Monica not havin it
so in love with you like a drug habit -get

soo gone
you treat me so unreal

Young Buck:
Was it the club hoppin after the show
that had you shook up
you know i’m a flirt
wasn’t no hookups
Who i come home to?
Anything that Buck got
you own a matchin one too
thats how we do
please believe-ac

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