Testo So Sad – King Diamond

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Testo della canzone So Sad di King Diamond
I am sitting in the Dark, I’m with my Love
We are looking into each other’s eyes
I know if THEY take her away, there is no life
Take her away and I die

Tell me this is not goodbye
Do you remember the Butterfly
It made me cry
I know…but we dried it’s wings so it could fly again

[solo: Andy]

I wonder if this is the end, for You and I
I know we’ve got to say goodbye
I know that I would change my life.. for You
I would die for you

I will always remember the things we used to do
All the memories I keep in here, just for me and You
With your image in my eyes
I take You with me when it’s time to go

I swear…I swear I’ll find You
I’ll keep on searching, searching till the end of time
And if I can’t survive without You by my side
Then wait for me, wait for me
Wait on the other side.. I’ll be there

I can barely see You anymore
You must remember the Butterfly, it did not die
I Love You … I Love you Too
I can’t see You anymore

Goodbye My Love

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